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The best way to manage school event ticket sales and checkin.   

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The best way to manage your school events

Ticketing 4 Schools  is a web-based application for the sale of event tickets, and check-in to almost any kind of event. It can be used for regular school dances, field trips, libraries, study hall, examination rooms, even detentions! All these are events for which the regular school information system may not be best suited. The application does away with paper tickets, wrist bands and manual check-in lists. A scanner, reading the barcode on the student ID card, records all activities. Yes – there are provisions for students who lost or forgot their cards! The system keeps full account of attendance, guards against many kinds of cheating, and provides transaction and summary report data which can be exported or printed.

How does it work?

Teachers can manage school events from any computer or mobile device connected to the internet using your school's custom link. The system is easy to login and with an annual cost there is no long-term contract.

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Check out what teachers are saying about us:

"Thank you a million times over!!!"

I am not the sharpest guy in the world and sometimes the remote to my cable box baffles me! Your company has been very responsive to EVERY need I have ever had! I can promise you our school will renew our contract every year and if they won't pay for it, I will out of my own pocket!  

Ron - Sacred Heart Griffin

"It's Working!"

We recently purchased the ticketing software and couldn't be happier with it! The software is easy to navigate and the students really loved using it and getting through the ticket line in record time. When we did have some questions, Ben and tech support was only an email or a phone call away and was extremely helpful. It is awesome to finally see software developed by teachers for teachers! Thanks guys!

Steve - Burlingame High School

"Made my life much easier"

Ticketing 4 Schools has made my life much easier. As an ASB director I hated pre-selling tickets to a dance and 10% of the students would lose there tickets before the dance had even started. Now we just scan their ID card to sell them a digital ticket. When the dance starts we scan their ID cards again, and they are good to go in. I also really like the feature where I can set student permissions. At our school students with more then 5 discipline points are not allowed to attend school dances. All I have to do is mark the students who are not allowed to attend and the system will block them from buying a ticket.

Ben - Orangeview Junior High



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